Woodland Management

Woodlands are actively managed for a number of reasons. These include maximising the yield of economically important products such as timber and game, as well as for the conservation and biodiversity benefits. Recreational access is also becoming increasingly important.

Whether it is large woodlands or urban forestry fringes Four Counties Tree Specialists have the knowledge and experience necessary to carefully manage these in order to achieve the desired outcomes. We understand the commercial and environmental contribution made by different species of trees and are able to offer expert recommendations.

Our woodland management services extend from the planning and planting to selective removal, coppicing and harvesting. Many of our clients use us for on-going woodland management and we can suggest an appropriate ‘schedule of works’ for each site if required.

Our wide range of equipment and technical expertise means that we can get the job done efficiently and safely. We are skilled at low-impact working on environmentally sensitive sites and we can process the cut timber if required.

We offer both chemical and mechanical maintenance options for controlling competitive vegetation. From small scale thinnings and low impact sites to complete clear fells we can help you decide the right course of action.

Services include:

  • Timber Harvesting, Coppicing and Thinning Works
  • Narrow Access Timber Extraction
  • Ride Creation and Maintenance
  • Planting and Establishment
  • Chemical application
  • Inter-Row Mowing

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