Tree Surgery

Four Counties Tree Specialists are able to offer the full range of tree surgery procedures. We are compliant with British Standard BS3998 guide for tree works.

Addressing health and safety issues has become an increasingly important aspect of modern life and one which presents a particular worry to employers and property owners. We can undertake site specific risk assessments which are supported by our own Health and Safety policy and evidence of staff training and regulatory compliance.

We undertake tree work for Local Authorities, Facilities Management agents, Housing Associations, Developers etc

The glossary below includes useful explanations of the work we undertake.

Crown Reduction:

The necessary reduction of the overall size of the tree whilst retaining its natural shape.

Crown Thinning:

Reducing the density of the foliage of the tree. This will allow more light through, reduce wind resistance and can make the tree look generally tidier.

Crown Lifting:

Raising the level of the crown to a specified height by the removal of the lower branches.

Dead Wooding:

Removal of all dead, diseased or dying wood from within the crown.

Sectional Felling:

Reducing the tree in manageable pieces, in a controlled manner to a height where the trunk can be safely felled.

Side Pruning:

Removal of the side branches of the tree to a suitable growth point.


Dropping of the tree as a whole, only carried out with the aid of winches.

Tree Surveys and Reports:

We offer a comprehensive service of reports and surveys. From individual tree reports for mortgage and insurance companies, to full surveys for utility companies and local councils.

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